HiWave,I am

Pramesh Karki

Software Developer



About Me

Hello World!, I'm Pramesh Karki, a passionate Software developer from country of himalayas NepalNational flag of Nepal.I am currently pursuing Computer Engineering at Nepal College of Information Technology Balkumari, Lalitpur.I tend to make use of modern web technologies to build websites that looks great, feels fantastic and functions correctly.

My goal is to build products that provide pixel perfect,performant experiences.


“An ordinary individual with desire of doing something extra ordinary.”

Things I Love

Open Source

I just extremely love open source, I can’t even express how much I love open source with just a few lines.


I love Javascript due to its huge accessibility and community support.

Solve Problem

I love to solve the daily life problems by using modern technologies.

My SkillSets

I love to learn new things and experiment with new technologies.Below are the few skills that i use on regular basis to create new projects on the web.


These are the projects that i have worked on in the past or the ones that i am currently working on.Feel free to reach me out if you have any questions regarding any of these.

Mini Projects

Wanna talk?

Do you love development as much as i do?

Have a cool project in mind, and think i can help you with it?

Feel free to ping me. My inbox is always open whether its for a potential client, a recruiter or to simply drop for a chat.

I shall get back to you as early as possible.